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KFB Design offers professional graphic design services with dedicated passion for creative concepts infused into all projects.

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BRAND IDENTITY & PRINT DESIGN: Say, “Interactive design” and most people think point-and-click. Give customers something that they can touch and feel, and design becomes truly interactive. That’s what we do. Whether it’s a glossy brochure or a memorable business card, we help customers touch and feel your brand. A great idea can inhabit so many forms — a stylish brochure, an eye-catching ad, a funny wine label. We go one step further and marry great ideas with solid execution, so you have the technical know-how behind your project to get a stellar finished product.

COLLATERAL DESIGN: By far the widest category, this includes brochures, posters, booklets and other printed materials. Projects can range from one-color fliers to intricate four-color-plus brochures, complete with die-cuts, embossing and other techniques to grab attention. We will match your project goals, message, budget and audience with the right design and production solution, and use our experience and skill to walk the project through to completion.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: One of our strong areas is in conceptual design. Concept art is a visual design generated for an item, character, theme, event or area that does not yet exist. Interpretation of ideas and how they are realized is where the concept designer's individual creativity is most evident. If you have a theme, idea, slogan, event, etc. that is in need of a branding or a complete look and feel, we have the talent and ability to give you the visual representation that is perfect for you.

WEB DESIGN: We custom design web sites for virtually all types of businesses. We design dynamic, goal-oriented websites with a strategic design approach. We seek to fulfill specific purposes with appropriate design solutions that enable us to produce websies that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that communicate function and purpose, while still allowing for easy access to content.

GET A FREE QUOTE: Each project starts out with a simple question — "How much will it cost?" The answer is — "It depends...". Before we can give you an estimate we first need to understand your project, budget, schedules and expectations. CALL us at 910.297.2073, EMAIL us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or submit the contact form on our contact page. We'll be happy to assist you.

ELECTRONIC FTP SERVICES: Established clients can use our server to upload or download their files.


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